Our History

Groves and Clark was established in 1934 by two enterprising young lawyers, Charles Groves and Frank Clark, who left Brisbane and travelled north in search of a town where they could “hang their shingle” and establish their own legal practice. They identified Ayr as that town and opened their doors in an old wooden building in Queen Street, Ayr on 10 May 1934. Frank Clark had been admitted as a Solicitor only nine days previously.

They knew no-one in the town but quickly established themselves as reputable and good Solicitors and acquired a number of substantial farming clients among the local community.

Unfortunately, Charles Groves was killed on 6 October 1942 at Milne Bay, New Guinea on active service with the Australian Army in World War II.

Frank Clark continued in the practice until 31 December 1983 when he retired from full time practice and became a Consultant to the firm. He continued to hold a Practising Certificate until he reached his 50th anniversary of his admission as a Solicitor. The firm continues to bear the name of its original founders.

During its history, the firm operated from several different premises until in March 1981 it moved into new premises built by the then partners at 98 Macmillan Street, Ayr.

The firm takes pride in the fact that a large number of its current clients are descendants of those first clients gained by Charles Groves and Frank Clark.

Groves and Clark prides itself on servicing the North Queensland Region with pride, professionalism and the values that come from being local.

Groves and Clark offers its clients professional service with a down to earth attitude.